Mahamandaleshwar Mayogashakti

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    The life of this great unique personality, a picture of serenity, is a great source of inspiration and a symbol of great strength and enlightenment in today's international world. She is indeed infinite within and without; her very being bearing the mark of magnetism, saintliness, mysticism and radiance born of Yogic discipline. Her natural dignity, motherly nature and broad minded reveal the highest spiritual quality. Her teaching is the eloquent speech born of insight. She is a highly evolved spiritual soul and a figure of international renown.

    She is a spiritual teacher (Guru) whose all-embracing wisdom, love and compassion are beyond human limitations. She looks at the world as one unit, as a revelation of God. She is the embodiment of love and is ready to adapt herself to any circumstance. She transforms the lives of her students and devotees by her silent and unconscious influence. The most dominant trait in her character is her motherly love, a love stronger than one's own. Her commanding presence, her courtly manners and her passion, make her popular. Apart from her spiritual power, the mere human aspects of her life are enough to make her an exemplary Master. Mataji (as she is affectionately called) is doing laudable service for the upliftment of many aspirants looking for spiritual guidance.

    This great soul has pledged her life to serve India and humanity to restore the faith of man in God and goodness. Mataji was born (on April 6th 1927) and brought up in the holy city of Benares. She did her M.A in Political Science, and was the founding Principal of a women's college at Bihar. With characteristic determination, effort and dynamism, Mataji played many roles in life, a devoted housewife, an enlightened educationalist and a political reformer. In her youth she was fascinated by higher ideals and heard the voice of the Divine. Born with a keen urge to know the unknown, she devoted herself to the quest for solutions to the great mysteries of life.

    Evolution does not follow a necessarily chronological or historical pattern, yet in Ma Yoga Shakti's life we find the parallel between worldly accomplishments and spiritual attainments. By living in both spheres of life she has disproved the myth that "this world and the other are irreconcilable," and has most effectively demonstrated that the unity of life runs like a golden thread from material to spiritual.

    She founded the Annie Besant Lodge of the Theosophical Society at Chapra in 1956. She has the grace of an invisible great saint who lived a long time ago. With his Divine Grace, her inner personality was elevated to the spiritual realm. The year 1961 brought a great change in her life. She renounced her wordly life and entered the holy order of Sanyasa. Since then Mataji has done signal service to the cause of Yoga and she was designated Shakti Sant Shiromani at the Ujjain Kumbha Mela in 1969. She was further accorded the title of Maha Mandleshwar during the 1974 Kumbha Mela at Haridwar.

    Mataji has opened ashrams in India and America, and she has been greatly instrumental in the spread of Yoga throughout the west. Her teachings produce a mass effect on humanity. She is always in a whirlwind of work, and wants yogic knowledge to be spread and known by all, believing firmly that Yoga helps man to face and bear the stress and strain of modern life. There are many techniques in Yoga which, when practised under an expert guide, give positive results for physical, mental and spiritual growth, thereby unfolding unused and latent powers. The secret techniques are essentially revolutionary. Innumerable benefits for the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of man are derived. Yoga is a practical art because as the meaning (adaptation) shows, it makes man master of his soul, mind, body and senses. This is why the ancient Rishis of India evolved this supreme art of adaptation or Yoga.

    To be Yogic is to be disciplined, religious and self-transcendental. Mataji has travelled extensively in India and abroad carrying the message of Yoga to peoples everywhere. Her deep knowledge of Yoga, both in its scientific and experimental aspects, her modern outlook, her infinite love and compassion for all who come in contact with her, have earned her the devotion of a huge following of disciples of Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga. She believes that, for each individual, spiritual salvation lies in following one or more of these paths according to one's inclination and abilities. It is here that her vast knowledge of Yoga, her experience of human nature and her deep spiritual insight enable her to become a true guide, philosopher and friend to the aspirant in his quest for spirituality.

    Thus Ma Yoga Shakti is spreading this enlightening philosophy, irrespective of the barriers of caste, color, religion or nationality, with an aim to forge a greater human universal brotherhood. Educationalist, reformer, philosopher, saint, Guru, Mataji is all of these; but above all she is Mataji-Mother, and she showers her Divine Grace, her compassion, her all-embracing love, on everyone who comes to her.

    "Maatri Acharya Mahamandaleshwar Mayogashkti will be in Chennai from Dec.9th.Onwards.She is worshipped as the living Goddess by her fond Devotees.
    All are welcome to the programmes of her in Chennai.

    Yogashakti Mission,
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