Maa cholay di dal

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    Maa cholay di dal

    [font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]½ cup Bengal gram split (chana dal)
    ½ cup black gram split with skin (chilkewali urad dal)
    Salt to taste
    ¼ tsp turmeric powder
    1 tsp dry ginger powder (soonth)
    1 inch piece ginger, chopped
    3 green chillies, chopped
    2-3 tbsp ghee
    1 tbsp butter
    1 tsp cumin seeds
    1 medium-sized onion, chopped
    2 medium-sized tomatoes, chopped
    ½ tsp red chilli powder
    [/font] [font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]1. Mix the two dals; wash and soak in four cups of water for an hour.
    2. Drain the water and put the soaked dals in a vessel; add four cups of water, salt, turmeric powder, dry ginger powder, half the chopped ginger and green chillies. Cover and cook on low heat till the dals are tender. Mix them with a ladle and make a homogeneous mixture of two dals without mashing them.
    3. For tempering, heat ghee and butter in a pan. Add cumin seeds, the remaining chopped green chillies and ginger. Stir and add chopped onion and sauté till onions turn reddish.
    4. Add chopped tomatoes and stir. Add red chilli powder and mix.
    5. Add the tempering to the dal and mix. Adjust salt, simmer for a few minutes and serve hot.

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