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Loving Your Child

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by HariLakhera, Feb 13, 2022.

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    Do parents have a choice but to love their children? I am saying so because I heard a mother saying “I have to love you because I am your mother’. You may ask what sort of atrocious question is this. We all know all five fingers in our hands are not equal but we can ill afford to cut any of them. We love our children like we love our five fingers. They are different in looks, temperament, and intelligence. Loving our children comes naturally to us. It is an instinct.

    AND YET there is no denying the fact we unconsciously tend to love one child more than the other. The definition of a child for parents is very wide as it includes all adult ‘children' also. In the parents' eyes, a child is always a child. In most cases, one child may be a favorite of the father but not a favorite of the mother, and the opposite is also true. Girls are a favorite of the father and boys of the mother.

    The worst situation will be when the parents or either of the parents hates one of the children and at times the only child they have. The tussle and turmoil between parents and children is everyday news these days even to the extent of killing each other. The relationships go sore for a variety of reasons mainly property or the daughter-in-law or the two sets of in-laws or the grandchildren or the friends on both sides. Some children do not measure up to the expectations of their parents and thus get ridiculed and eventually sidelined. The one who meets the expectations gets all attention, encouragement, and support.

    In some cases, the child is a pain in the neck in the real sense. He/she might have gone haywire, become anti-social, or whatever but for the parents, a child is a child and have no option but to love.

    Can parents stop loving their child, whatever may be the reason? If yes, it is an obligation and not an instinct.
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