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Lost and Found

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by LakshmiKMBhat, Feb 22, 2013.

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    Walking back home along the familiar road,the thought of all those people who get lost and remain lost came to mind. What happens to them?
    Long back, when we were in Delhi, an aged relative of our relative got lost. He had gone for a walk and did not find his way back home. The police were informed, a week went by and he had not yet been found . Then a family friend recognized him walking in another part of the city and reunited the family. :thumbsup How had he lived that one week? Everyone was so happy and old gentleman was really lucky, but everyone is not so lucky.
    I still remember our foolishness in Pushkar, Rajasthan. We had reached Pushkar at night and there had been no electricity. We went with our co-passengers to their community guest house. The next morning without even looking at the name of guest house, we set out to see the temple of Lord Brahma.
    I will never understand why we had been so silly. :bonk Pushkar is a small place and we were confident about our way back, but we got hopelessly lost, the narrow roads seemed like a maze. Fortunately we remembered a mosque near our guest house, keeping it in sight we walked back and reached our destination with a great feeling of relief.
    What if we had not found the way back? Anyway we did, and learnt an important lesson.
    But sometimes we forget the lessons we learn. :bonk

    Last year when we were in Sofia, my husband was attending the conference. With a help of the road map I enjoyed exploring the beautiful place. Sofia is a small place with straight roads and intersecting roads. But, one afternoon, a slight mistake in reading the map took me a long distance away and I was really apprehensive. All roads seemed similar and I was just walking and walking. I had the road map with me and I asked a lady the directions to our hotel. There was a Five star hotel near our hotel and it was a good land mark. She asked a police standing nearby who told me to take the tram from the tram station just nearby. With a feeling of relief I got into the tram and was told to get down in the last stop,very near our hotel. I had really walked that day and I promised myself that in future I would always be careful and never get myself lost. But, it had been fun, before the panic set in,I got to see a lot of places.
    The next day when my husband and I went out together, I saw that instead of walking back along the straight road from one end to the other end, I had been walking in circles !!!
    Anyway, lost and found is better then remaining lost. This lesson,I am sure I will never forget. :thumbsup

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