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Losing Weight In Early 40s - Did It Work For You?

Discussion in 'Keep Fit & Maintain Shape' started by abc00, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. abc00

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    I'm trying to lose weight and want to tone up for an upcoming family function after 5 months. I have lost weight earlier in the past and have the will power to do it. Even now I'm in the correct weight range.. I want to tone up , infact. I'm in early 40 now so this is not happening as I want it to be.

    Right now I'm doing once a week zumba and walk 45 mins other 5 days (one rest day)Please suggest if I should be doing strength training too and what's the best combination I should be following to see results.
    Has anyone been able to achieve this ? Please share.

  2. SunPa

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    First , since you are in the healthy BMI, are you trying to lower it more or are you trying to lose inches? In order to lose inches, especially around abdomen cardio is the way.
    Strength training means you are increasing your muscle mass and strengthening your joints, which will increase your bone strength and flexibility and so is going to benefit for a much longer time. But it takes time. Unless you are on an intensive regime, and considering the post 40 age, it is important to keep injuries at bay. So that means take it slow and steady and do not over exert. Wrists and ankles need special care.

    My suggestion is cardio work out followed by toning/flexibility/strength training atleast 3 times a week will give you the best results in the long run . Do not forget your cool down and stretches.
    Walking is not good enough to lose weight quickly. It has its benefits , especially if you have a desk bound job but not enough. And walking/yoga doesnt need rest days. Like my yoga master asked me sarcastically "Do you take break from eating every week?"

    Just my take and let me stress I am not a fitness expert .
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  3. anika987

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    Yes I was..

    Strength training is import
    Before that,understand abs and a good body is made in the kitchen
    If it is mainly for the wedding be very strict with your food habits
    Cut of bread,sugar,rice.drink water and sleep is very important.count calories.
    if you are not able to eliminate atleast avoid to the max
    Zumba/aerobics etc is fine
    Go for HIIT but this you need to be careful if you have health issues and do it no more than two times a week
    Strength training is a must at least three times a week.use loose weights preferably.
    Upper body one day and lower body another
    Yoga is excellent.
    Do burgers,jumping jacks,leg lifts,mountains climbers etc..
    Also understand as we grow older metabolism showers so you to workout differently.
    It is surely possible to tone up.be strict in your regimen.
    Good luck
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