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Loosing One Year In Life

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by SGBV, Aug 25, 2020.

  1. SGBV

    SGBV Finest Post Winner

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    Given this pandemic situation, we are only focusing about our survival these days. Everything else takes a back seat.
    Although there are people, who risks their lives and that of others as they run for their future. In this competitive world, running after opportunities for a secured future is something inevitable. But risking your life for a better life is logically meaningless.

    Many parents are worried that their children lose out almost one year in their school life. To compensate this, they run after on-line education and so many extra courses at the cost of risking their children's physical and mental health (because of unlimited screen time, risk of virtual predators, likelihood of entering adult sites etc..)
    Many deaths have been reported due to the fact that men and women risked their lives to go to work, seek opportunities outside, attended classes, traveled etc..etc.. during this pandemic. Although it may seem hard to stay at home when you have nothing, it is pointless to risk your life.
    Besides, it is those who have something that risks their lives for wanting everything... and not those who have absolutely nothing!!! It is sickening :(

    Life doesn't end with this delay. Everything will get restored one after the other. You just needs some patience!!!

    Almost 15 years back, I had to chose whether to sit for my final examination in college or to travel back home to be with my dying grandma for one last time. The decision meant losing a year in my educational life; hence my career, marriage and everything that comes later.
    I was so young, and ambitious to get first class degree. I was working so hard, and I had enough credits to secure a first class if I clear my final examination in one go. I was sure that I could do that.

    There were announcements that the first class holders would be picked by large multi-national companies during the campus interviews. Hoping for an easy entry to my dream career, I was all prepared to sit for the final examinations.

    Almost a few days before the exam, I received a call from mom about my grandma's health status. I could not stop myself from wanting to be with her that moment.
    My parents denied that. They were so concerned about my exams, hence gave me false hopes about grandma.
    I had around 12 more days to return home after the exams, but my mind was already at home the moment I heard my grandma's state.

    My friends, and well-wishers suggested that I stay back and sit for the exams - given the fact, my fate would be written there.
    They spoke wisdom and said it is worthless to be with an already dying 87 year old woman - who wouldn't even recognize your presence at this very fragile stage of her life.

    Some said, she might live like this for few more months, and what's the point of going now risking your exams/future?

    It was hard to decide.... As a 23 year old, I was considered too young to make major decisions as these!

    But I listened to my heart.... It constantly asked me to go....
    My instinct repeatedly asked me to be with my grandma - who was my second mom those days!!!
    I clearly understood the fact that I would cry for my entire life had I missed seeing my grandma alive one last time before her last breath. So, I booked my tickets, and went home!

    Though my mom was shocked, she was happy that I was there during that saddest time of her life.
    I've spent 1 whole day with grandma at the hospital - allowing mom to get some rest.
    Surprisingly my grandma recognized me, spoke with me in sign language, and we exchanged hugs and kisses for the whole day. I was sure she departed the world with fullest satisfaction after seeing me. Because at that time, I was my grandma's whole world.
    My heart was overwhelmed and I felt lucky that I've got those precious time with my beloved grandma that day.

    Back at my college... everyone cursed me for choosing to go.
    I missed my first class degree, though I managed to sit for the examination after sometimes to get a general degree.
    I missed the campus interview; hence that easy gateway to enter my dream multi-national company.
    I missed everything for a moment when my peers enjoyed the next steps in their lives.

    Like any other average student, I had to chose a banking career and I accepted my fate though regretfully.
    Life didn't end there!
    Opportunities knocked my door when I showed my talent in charity work I really loved.
    Again, I chose to follow my heart. Though it was just a 3 months offer in an Humanitarian NGO, I decided to leave my permanent Banking career to join that NGO.
    Because I hated that routine banking job, but loved the humanitarian work.

    My talent, hard work, enthusiasm etc..etc... during those 3 months in that humanitarian NGO brought this opportunity to work with United Nations. It was my luck, may be my grandma's blessings from up above...
    Since then, I've been working with United Nations in Professional level for the past 15 years!!! It is a privilege

    We - the UN, are liaising with so many Multi-national companies, including the dream one which I missed in the past.
    Each time, it feels like a hero whenever I am invited as a guest of honor representing the UN in various events of these multi-national companies.
    Had I started my career in that multi-national company, I would have just been ended up as a professional staff.... Now that, my career is much more special than a professional staff member!

    Success or failure.... ups or downs... all happen for a reason.
    Losing a year in life doesn't mean losing your life.

    Learn to find peace with what life offers. If your path is closed, just pave your own path and move on. Don't get stuck in life!!!

  2. gorgeous23

    gorgeous23 Silver IL'ite

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    nice write up. good that you were able to decide what to do in one of the toughest moments of your life.
    Most of us are able to either go with our heart or our brains, one at a time at the mutual exclusion of the other, and sometimes neither.
    i always spend an agonizing amount of time thinking about what would have happened if i had chosen to go the other way. glad that you are able to reconcile.
    what i have learnt so far is that there are no right or wrong paths in life, whatever you chose you have to make it work, it wont work out by itself. so whatever you chose , make it work and leave the rest to god.

    though on a personal note, i read almost anything you post, i am one of your silent admirers. it was really good to know that you find fulfillment in your career as opposed to it being a means to just earn bread and butter. most of us just slog through work.
    Your post was just in time as i am in the midst of a major life decision. and it sure provides perspective.
    God bless you !
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  3. Thyagarajan

    Thyagarajan IL Hall of Fame

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    :hello: Kudos to you - A good take on losing time - timely jotting in COVID pandemic still in force.

    2. Affinity & the bond drags one despite time bound tasks on hand the finishing of it determines one’s future.

    3. I have school mates who could not write exams as circumstances were beyond their control and they thought there academic life is over. But they later turned successful entrepreneurs that management schools called them for lecturing to students.

    4. Ex minister Lalu Prasad was considered illiterate but turned a great leader and praised by Harvard as efficient Railway Minister who could present that unprecedented Surplus budget. Whether one looses or lose a year seemed to be an Act Of God & happens only for bettering the prospects!

    5. Losing a year or many years seemed good for Abraham Lincoln who ultimately was elected as President of United States of America!

    Last edited: Aug 25, 2020
  4. HariLakhera

    HariLakhera Platinum IL'ite

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    It must have been a tough decision. Also there was a very special bound between you and your grandma. Rest as they say is history. Hard work and luck pays a very special role in our life and on hind-side it is but natural to be happy. The owner of Alibaba could not complete his graduation as he was not very good at studies and was honored by the same university by a doctorate degree.
    Non one rally knows what lies in store.
    Your grandma's blessings are always with you and would have been with you even if you were not with her during her last days.
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  5. Thyagarajan

    Thyagarajan IL Hall of Fame

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    :hello:But then he never wasted time worrying about what he had not but only brooded as to how to get or acquire those richness. This is solid example of not crying over spilt milk.

    2.God made rags for riches to be.

    3. Fresh off the biggest IPO in history, Alibaba founder and chairman Jack Ma is now the richest person in China. Ma is now worth an estimated $25 billion, which includes his 7.8% stake in Alibaba and a nearly 50% stake in payment processing service Alipay. Ma is a true rags-to-riches story.

    Thanks and Regards.
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