Looking for Plastic or Wooden Cubes for Project

Discussion in 'Shopping & Restaurants' started by rsk11584, Nov 23, 2014.

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    Hi Friends,
    I am looking for small colored plastic or wooden cubes with size of 1 cm approx. Such cubes I will be requiring for a Board Game Project. The cubes should be of different colors I will be needing around 5 colors. White, Red, Yellow, Brown & Green. For temporarily I would need around 30 cubes of each color. Can anyone tell me from which shop can i Get the Wooden or Plastic cubes, Plastic Jwellery cubes will also do, even if they have a hole between for thread will also do, but size should be around 1 cm side for cube and I should get the 5 colors. Please suggest shop in Chennai wherein I can buy the cubes.

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