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Looking For Job Search Advice

Discussion in 'Working Women' started by Caughtinbetween, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. Caughtinbetween

    Caughtinbetween Gold IL'ite

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    So the new situation is that H got a new offer and we will be moving to the west coast in next couple of weeks . I could not get a transfer and had to resign and now I am looking for a job in the west. Now a days i see networking is so very important and i dont have a good network to begin with . I am mostly relying on the marketing consultancies and doing my search on all the job portals. its a challenge to me to get my resume picked up through the initial screening . And besides aiming at getting atleast two certifications before i land there (~roughly six weeks) . and this would be my first job search in this field . how is the market over there ? are there any specific resources you can guide me to which could help. I am targeting WA state area , entry - midlevel cloud architect roles. Any help is much appreciated in terms of which technologies to learn , any certs that would help or any portals that would help. thank you. i want to make max use of this time that i got before we actually move , unfortunately with corono issue all are at home which makes it all the more difficult to study but will do it somehow.
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