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Looking for a babysitter/ homebased daycare just for few hours for 1 day in San anton

Discussion in 'Indians in San Antonio' started by desimama, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. desimama

    desimama New IL'ite

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    Hi ladies
    I am bascially from austin tx but i have to go for the citizenship ceremony in san antonio i need some help finding a babysitter/daycare for just keeping my kids aged 6yr and 3.5 yr old for few hours till my ceremony etc is done.For all those curious souls , i don't have anyone close in Austin , both husband and me have to go together, I am a stay at home mom so have never really kept my kids in daycare .
    I can keep them in Austin but since i would keep them in a hourly daycare here i literally have to rush drive from SA to austin ,so i would prefer someone in SA that way i don't have to rush drive and secondly its like a Fun outing with them too .
    I am looking for a reasonably priced option since its just for a day and one time thing.If anyone can provide some info would appreciate it

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