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LKG/UKG syllabus and admission in schools

Discussion in 'Kerala' started by ameyamom, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. ameyamom

    ameyamom New IL'ite

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    Could somebody please tell me what is the syllabus for the kindergarten in Kerala. Do they follow some textbook or each school has different topics covered...i wanted to knw what is generally covered in lkg and in ukg. i heard that lkg had reading and writing of letters and ukg has reading and writing of words etc. is it like that in all schools and also what are the other things that are done in those classes?
    Also, how do we get admission in the school..like if the kid was in 1st grade in US, will they get into 1st std back home or is it based on wat class we want to get admission, they conduct the interview?
    Could someone please reply on this

    Thank you :)

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