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    A Boeing 747, black in colour and valued at Rs 1,600, a moped valued at over Rs 90 lakh and a bicycle worth Rs 91,943 are some of the lost property that the police in Tamil Nadu are busy searching for.
    The amusing revelation has appeared in the annual report of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India for 2005-06.
    Coming down heavily on the police department for filing first information reports (FIRs) with "erroneous and irrelevant data", the CAG said such information would be useless in crime detection and did not justify the capital investment and recurring expenditure on such data capture.

    The CAG, which had scrutinised 67,672 crime records relating to automobiles, said Kallikudi police station, in Madurai district, had filed an FIR on the loss of a Boeing aircraft.
    Certain inconsistent information like a bicycle valued at Rs 91,943, a moped valued at over Rs 90 lakh and a motorcycle valued at Rs 11.10 lakh were also noticed, the report said.
    The police department had attributed the "state of affairs" to the huge volume of work and the cumbersome processes involved.
    The CAG also pulled up the department for incorrect quantification of property, citing a case in which 70 gm of gold was valued at Rs 20 lakh. Similarly, 15,000 buffaloes were reported lost in a single case.

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    Very strange indeed!

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