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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback!' started by varalotti, Feb 12, 2007.

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    Dear Induslady,

    I have a suggestion. For any member there are two sets of data. One is what she has given in her public profile and the other is what she has given in Who Am I section. Some ILites have given everything in public profile but have not posted in the Who Am I section. Whereas others who have done well in Who Am I have given a sketchy public profile.

    If it is technically feasible why dont we provide a link in the public profile of each of the members to her entry in who am i section, so that we get to know about the member in one place.


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    Dear Sridhar,

    That is a nice suggestion. Currently, there is not a technical feasibility to provide a link from the profile to the "Who am I?" post.

    However, we are strongly recommending that profile be the central place for a member to provide information about them. Towards that end, we added several fields to profile page so members can provide rich information about themselves. Please see this thread below.

    The reason we want to centralize member information in the profile page is because it provides easy one-click access to a member's information. Most members would read another member's message and want to know more about them. When they click on the member's name on the post it takes them to the member's profile. It is an easy one-click access. Its hard to have such easy access to a member's "Who am I?" post.

    Through this message I request all members to please keep your profile page updated.
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