Lifestyle in Saudi for hindus

Discussion in 'Indians in Saudi Arabia' started by ranjith2, Oct 27, 2015.

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    Hi myself ranjith from manglore karnataka currently working in a hospital x-ray dept. recently i m shortlisted for a general hospital in ksa they have branches all over ksa so they did'nt mention which specific i have to join.

    *salary is 4500sar plus accommodation(did nt mention what type housing) and transportation

    *how is the lifestyle in saudi for indians do all(hinds,christ, other than muslims etc) women have to wear abaya(black gown) ?i m engaged now and will be getting married in few months i m hindu.

    *i have visited canada few days back to meet my brother as he s onsite there now though cold(horrible) and we need to have proper visa to get job there but after returning to india i felt i enjoyed the life there for 4 months.
    * i visited pubs with my brother and had drinks and went to some nice scenic places(vancouver), toronto it was little boring as it was my 1st away frm india but there is lot of freedom and we can enjoy the way we want

    I m very much worried about whether to take this job offer or not in saudi arabia.
    i want to make money its ok upto some restrictions but when i google i ' m getting mixed responses . i heard abt its nt very expensive country but i m very concerned about restrictions and how the people and employer behaves with indians there.

    Grateful for your responses

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