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Life Is Very Short..

Discussion in 'Friends & Neighbours' started by anika987, Jun 2, 2022.

  1. anika987

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    We have to live our best with our capacity.living or best does not mean making more money or having all the luxuries but spending time with the ones we really like,not taking the small pleasures for granted,enjoying that first sip of hot coffee blissfully..that is life!Have dreams and ambitions but..most of the time many are having the dreams and ambitions of other people and not doing what they really want.Sometimes humans need to slow down and stop and start enjoying what we have right now.Work hard but work hard for what “we” really want and not what looks good for the society.To achieve some false sense of respect from The “society” which is just a jumble of people who have their own insecurities and traumas.We try to please others and be a certain way to “fit “ right in!
    Once we step back and take a good look at what we are going towards at..most won’t even make sense and most of it is instant gratification.

    life live each day and moment, trying to be content and enjoy what we have and working for what “we really want”.If we get what we want..great! Else also no problem we can always work for something else coz everything has its own beauty.

    Google quotes full of fire like “do or die” etc etc is all motivating but man made.One always needs to be flexible and live smart.

    Singer kk untimely death,the humble super star puneet raj Kumar death and so many lives everyday got me a bit philosophical today..

    let’s cherish our life and make each day and moment count.

  2. Thyagarajan

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    And today actress meena (45) 's vidyasagar expired adding to tally of covid death . May his soul reach lotus feet of the Lord and sanction more strength to his family to bear the irreparable loss.
    Life is short. Every one strive to Live with gratitude instead of grudges.

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