Life is not to be measured but lived

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    [SIZE=-0]Birthdays lead us to think about life – what has gone past, what is in the present, and what is hoped for in the future. What we truly have though is the present. It is here that we build our tomorrows armed with the lessons of our yesterdays. So maybe now we have formed our own impressions about life – of what it is and what it isn’t. Your take, my friends. [/SIZE]
    Life is not to be measured but lived, good and bad times will make way for each other so we should try to enjoy and look to learn from both.
    LIFE IS NOT terms of size and personal achievements, but LIFE is measured in terms of efforts to perform and to excel!
    Life is not measured but Experienced .
    Who says. life is measured in birthdays, anniversaries, boyfriends,...:D
    life is not measured but lived to the hilt..thats what true life is about :)
    Life is not measured but lived by understaning and realising the importance of evolution at each and every front of life be it mental or otherwise----.
    not by the years in life......but by the life in your years

    Life is not measured...
    across its Breadth, but its Depth is more important.
    life is to be measured and savoured ..bit by bit.

    Life is not measured.. in the number of years gone by, it is measured in moments of self realization.

    ...because it's infinite.

    life is not measured by the breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away :)

    Life is not measured by riches, success, trophies, titles......
    but by the times you smiled and felt joy
    do a tap dance in your heart!

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