Leh Ladakh the most beautiful but lesser visited place of tourist interest.

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    Dear ILs,

    It is rightly said that "Swarg/Jannat to yehi Dharti par hai"

    Kashmir is compared with Switzerland. We always don't have to go out of the country to visit a beautiful place....we have such great places right here in India too.

    One of them is Leh Ladakh...would like to share some info here which i have gathered from the web. Being a travel buff and like to visit different places, i keep gathering info of such palces which are a must visit...so here i go....

    About Ladakh India

    A land of freezing winds and burning hot sunlight, Ladakh is a cold desert lying in the rain shadow of the Great Himalayas and other smaller ranges. Little rain and snow reaches this dry area, where natural forces have created a fantastic landscape. Surrounded by rugged mountains this land is completely different from the green landscape of many parts of the Himalayas. Bounded by two of the world's mightiest mountain ranges, the Great Himalaya and the Karokaram, it is a land which has no match.

    In geological terms, this is a young land, formed only a few million years ago by the buckling and folding of the earth's crust as the Indian sub-continent pushed with irresistible force against the immovable mass of Asia. Its basic contours, uplifted by these unimaginable tectonic movements, have been modified over the millennia by the opposite process of erosion, sculpted into the form we see today by wind and water.

    The main source of water in this land remains the winter snowfall. Ladakh was once covered by an extensive lake system, the vestiges of which still exist on its south -east plateaux of Rupshu and Chushul - in drainage basins with evocative names like Tso-moriri, Tsokar,and grandest of all, Pangong-tso. The temperature rarely exceeds 27 degree celcuis in summer while in winter it may drop to minus 20 degree celcuis

    Made up of two administrative districts - Leh and Kargil, Ladakh covers a total area of about 59,000 square kilometers. Leh is the chief town. Allied ethnologically and geographically with the Tibet region of China, the area has a predominantly Lamaist Buddhist population. It was nominally a dependency of Tibet. After 1531 it was invaded periodically by Muslims from Kashmir; it was annexed to Kashmir in the mid-19th cent.

    However todays Ladakh which forms a part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India has some of its areas under the illegal occupation of Pakistan and China.

    For more info please log on to Ladakh India,Ladakh India Travel,Ladakh India Tours

    I wish to go there some day...and hope that day comes soon.

    Warm regards

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    Nice description on Ladakh
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    Hello from newbie..

    I have been there and every word of yours is true...the place is an awesome experience...and hidden treasure..
    Lot of people do not know that it is now comfortable to travel to Leh so it remains not so touristy..
    I certainly hope it remains so..:p

    There are number of flights that go from delhi and most of travel iteneries can be worked out at any of the good hotels in Leh...
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    I have had some of friend's friends who visited Leh-Ladhak in bike this year and saw thei photographs. The place was really amazing - so pristine and clear waters! Wah .. simply superb!

    Okay - so what if I cant bike (which is too much for me really) I would love to visit this place atleast once in my lifetime!

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