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Legal Immigrants Rally in DC on September 18th

Discussion in 'Immigration Matters' started by Aarushi, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Aarushi

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    Ladies, this is really important. Not just for you but for every one of us who is in this green card slow moving vehicle.

    Recently the July 2 visa bulletin was taken back and many of us were able to file our I-485's.

    One of the reasons why it happened was because some of us practiced gandhigiri and sent USCIS director flowers. AILA threatened a lawsuit. Congresswoman Zoe Logfren sent a hard hitting letter to USCIS asking for explanations (which as a chair of the Immigration Committee in Congress she was entitled to....*I dont know the exact name of her committee pls*). Legal immigrants in San Jose took out a rally. All these actions were helpful in rescinding the shocking July 2 bulletin revision.

    One of the organizations campaigning for us legal immigrants is Immigration Voice. It is
    a grassroots organization for legal immigrants. It handled the gandhigiri campaign and the San Jose rally and also negotiated with USCIS and other govt officials on our behalf.

    Now IV is organizing a rally in Washington DC on September 13th.

    Congress will be back from August recess in early September and there will be a fresh look at smaller pieces of immigration related issues, including high-skills immigration.

    big event is going to be held in the front-yard of congress in Washington DC, so that the long ignored issue of visa backlogs (retrogression) is addressed. This event will be hugely consequential as it will get much more coverage in media and much more attention of congress because of 2 reasons: It will be a really big crowd and secondly, it will be in Washington DC.

    We've recently seen how effective protests from legal immigrants can be in reversing unfair decisions (e.g. the July 2 visa bulletin revision). I think for all of us who are impacted by slow processing of GC's should participate in this protest.

    I'm planning to go with my hubby and baby. :2thumbsup:

    Are any of you going?

    PS: You can check out more relevant info on the website of immigration voice.

    PPS: I joined this org after the July bulletin fiasco and am totally impressed by the dedication and enthu of the core team who handle all the lobbying efforts.

  2. knbg

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    Hi Aarushi,
    Thanks for sharing about IV and DC rally.

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