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Leave Her Alone - Part Two

Discussion in 'Infants' started by Myliltwincesses, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. Myliltwincesses

    Myliltwincesses Silver IL'ite

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    Note: This is not a fictional post..I have penned down whatever I faced and still facing as a new mom.Further, I have also included experiences of my close friends ( as told by them to me)..This post is not to blame or judge anyone.I wish to share certain issues which most of new moms face.If you are still interested, please continue reading.


    I am using diapers for my girls from the day they are born. Following are the questions that I am generally asked by many.

    1. Why are you not using traditional langots?? langots are only good..
    2. Oh my God!!! Poor babies..You are torturing them by putting diapers 24/7..
    3. Why are you not using cloth diapers???
    4. Diapers you use are costly..You are wasting money..
    5. You are spoiling your babies skin by using this..
    6. Your babies will not be comfortable due to this..They can’t rise their legs..
    7. No need to change diapers once in 4 hours.. Don’t apply any creams..
    My answers are:

    1. I am not against using traditional langots..I feel it’s difficult to manage with langots for my twin babies..I don’t have any nanny or caretaker for my babies.As I manage alone, I use diapers..I am not a super Mom and if you feel I am lazy, I really don’t care.
    2. I know what’s good for my babies..I am taking utmost care and I regularly clean them before changing next diaper..I am very careful in this and I also apply creams to avoid rashes.
    3. Regarding Cloth diapers, I haven’t thought about it yet.I am not sure whether I will use it or not.
    4. I am not wasting money..For me, it’s a necessity for my babies..Judge me if you want..Anyway, are you paying for my babies’ diapers?? Why are you bothered?
    For 5,6 & 7 questions:

    My babies are comfortable with diapers.I am taking care of their skin..They are very active and they can rise their legs well..I will always change diapers at regular intervals and will apply creams as prescribed by doctors without fail.

    Earlier whenever I am bombarded with questions, I felt I am always judged for using diapers..Later I realized that, certain people will blame and make me feel guilty in whatever I do as a new mom..Now, I am least bothered and I do whatever I feel is best for my babies..

    There are some close family members who will ask these same questions every day.They didn’t understand my practical difficulties..I told them to manage my babies alone for just 2 hours without diapers.They became tired changing langots continuously for 2 babies for an hour and accepted it’s difficult..After that incident, they stopped questioning me..

    But still they judge me and tell others behind my back that I am a lazy mom.I don’t care about others and I know I am doing what’s best for my babies..

    So, What do you think?? Have you experienced this as a new mom? Please do comment..

    (To be continued…)

    Note: This post has been already published in my personal blog myliltwincesses.wordpress.com.

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