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LCD/Regular TV. Which is the best n How to choose a LCD TV

Discussion in 'Shopping & Restaurants' started by rgayathr, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. rgayathr

    rgayathr New IL'ite

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    Hi IL-ites,

    Advance Diwali Wishes.

    Diwali in India is a time for huge celebration and people urge to buy new products for their home. So I am. We wanted to buy a 29' inches TV and was checking the features available, different models etc., To complicate LCD TV fever is in peak .

    I am in a dilemma :shock: and want your help. Which one to buy LCD or Regular TV ? Please advise.

    If I were to choose a regular TV what I should consider? If I am going for a LCD what features I should consider.

    (If its LCD - planning to buy 26 inches and Regular TV - 29 inches.)


    (Did not know in which Forum tab I should address this hence, posted this first in the Money matters tab)

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