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latest rules of 6 point identity for DL in new york,VISA stamped expired

Discussion in 'H4 Indian Ladies' started by sidrasmom, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. sidrasmom

    sidrasmom New IL'ite

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    I have seen previous posts regarding 6 point id proof which were posted in 2007-2008 so confirming if there is anyone who applied in 2010 from NY dmv

    my case is little different
    I am on H4 with a visa stamp in my passport expiring on sep 14 this month.My
    DH has filed for the extension and we have also got the I 797A stating it has been extended to 3 years.Now my query

    One point of id is passport.will they check for visa stamp if i am applying after sep 14 and can i show them this i 797a doc which clearly has tthe extended time
    if they dont accept is there any way we can have a visa stamp without going to India ( like indian consulate here )
    we will try to apply before sep 14 but not sure if by that time i get the other point proofs for id and like a joint account and utility bill in my name

    As of now the utility is in my husband's name so if i call the electricity and gas supplier ,will they transfer it in my name without a ssn ? ( has anyone got it )

    my second query we have got insurance from my husband employer.they give us a one single card issued in his name which we show to the doc and for prescription.Its understood me and my daughter are covered in that, we dont have specific cards.so will that be a valid proof?

    anyone experienced this before please do share specially in NY dmv office

    Waiting for a quick response as not much time if visa stamp is mandatory to proceed.thanks in advance

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