Ladies welfare in Kattangulathur

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    I am a Past President in Rotary Club in Chennai. During my period of Presidentship, I have noticed few Dynamic ladies from Downtrodden family are willing to do many things for their community.
    Hence we have guided them to have Tailoring centre to teach House wives to learn and then use the same for their earning .

    Also when we extended a Micro loan to these women of Rs5000/- for doing a small business, they did their work very well and returned the loan promptly. and at he end of the day they have improved their capability to open a small shop with an investent of rs 1,50,000/- (Rs 30000 each)
    The women who have played a key role wanted to improve their Business and so using my personal contacts I am arranging a Loan for Rs 3.00Lakh for opening a mini supermarket in their area.
    These women are the wife of ,
    - - Security watchman
    -- Bus Conductor
    -- Coolie
    -- Fitter in a factory.

    Hence what is required from Indusladies Forum is to encourage these ladies , by way of Moral support to guide them to become leading Business women in that area.
    I would like to have views from god hearted ladies to come forward and to give ideas to mprove their life.
    I will also organize ameeting in my office to discuss the matter in length.

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