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Ladies - Politics & Friendship..

Discussion in 'Friends & Neighbours' started by anika987, Dec 5, 2021.

  1. anika987

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    I am in good terms with my neighbors and am friendly to them.I also keep many acquaintances. I have few very close friends and keep in touch with them via phone calls and a couple in person.

    I always feel better and more independent when am on my own but also enjoy hanging out with ladies rarely.I can say am an ambivert.

    My cousin sis is quite the opposite.She always has the need to be surrounded by people and every weekend both Saturday and Sunday..she meets her friends which is great.

    However,she does not understand my life.I think we are all different individuals and different interests.

    When I asked her how she keeps in touch and gets along with people so well..she said she does not mind pleasing people and even if there are too many politics she does not voice out much and goes with the flow and has fun.

    I want some pointers. I see communities having so many get togethers and there is some politics which I noticed.

    Personally..dealing with certain family issues and other responsibilities..I do not have the mental energy for any politics.

    We go out with friends or talk to them to feel
    Rejuvenated.Even if we have a disagreement..communication will be good to sort it out between good friends.This is how my friends are though they are a few.I do not even see a point of hanging out with people who are not our wavelength unless it is a dire need.

    Just want to know how other woman especially who are super social handle things in a group. How do you find that mental energy to organize things for the group,to keep in touch and handle anything that comes your way?
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  2. Mehana

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    I am following this thread to see other ladies answers.

    Myself is not great as well to maintain big group of friends. Very few friends I touch base with them.

    Thanks for posting this question.
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