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Kalkis Characters In Ponniyan Selvan 1

Discussion in 'Book Lovers' started by venlax, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. venlax

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    i am reading Ponniyan Selvan now. i had read it so many time from my early days.each character is unique . Kalki had described them in such a impressive way that we will never forget them & their qualities.
    Arulmozhi thought of river Kaveri comes to mind.his valor,kindness,respect to elders,attachment to family esp.to his sister all catch our heart.
    kundavai : her contribution to establishing medical facilities for poor ,sharp brain used in constructive ways,deep affinity to her younger brother,the beauty which makes others to bow to her rather than being attracted etc.
    Athithya Karikalan : His valor,deep hurt caused by Nandini,his faith in friendship golden palace for parents (now old age homes only) ,sad demise etc.
    Nandini : her tantalizing beauty which makes others get attracted - whenever i think of snake immediately i remember Nandini. her wavering mind, problem filled life,the shameful comments she has to face,intelligence used in destructive ways,deep love at the same time enmity towards Athithya Karikalan etc.
    i will write about others also
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