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Just to Ease the Living

Discussion in 'Relationship With In-Laws' started by rs18, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. rs18

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    Dear Friends,

    I have popped again to trouble you all ..............kindly excuse.

    Being habituated to live in a cozy environment of our own ( Me , Hubby & kid) , iam been currently forced to take up a Nuclear family . Would be shifting the same in just 2 more months. Though there have been several small misunderstandings i've always constrained myself to stay calm in many circumstances for e.g if its not my cup of tea i would seldom take part in the conversation. But my family involves active members who wish to talk, discuss anything & everything about everyone around. ( Including my family members too) Rant. the funniest part is that they would expect me to join the same . though i dont have much time for the same ( employed) .Both MIL & FIL always wish to poke in to anything which is called " PRIVACY " of us. even a single safety pin need to get an ISO from them before entering home. Though we are staying apart they tend to be dominent. Over these years i have never ever tried to hurt them thru words or means for the sake of my hubby who holds a bunch of respect for their family. I trust him and trying my best to remain the same . But incase of worsen situations ?? i need help :bowdown

    Friends , please come up with your suggestions as to how i need to sculpture myself from being preyed.
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  2. JustMyself

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    Just do not check with them for anything that you want to make a decision on. If you want their help, then check for their advice, otherwise, just do not ask them or do not even let them know that you are planning to do something.

    Many elders, believe that they should pass on their experiences as advice. Some of them are still applicable to our needs/trends, and some of them are not.

    So, seek their advice if and only if their experiences would help, otherwise just do not ask.

    I know it is not easy to ignore unforced / forced advises. But then, you are already moving out. So just hear them, and do not follow them if you dont.

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