Just had a baby...should I return to work?

Discussion in 'Working Women' started by pooja, Jul 27, 2005.

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    I just had a baby. I was able to spend 2 months with the baby because of the maternity leave and vacation that my company gave me. I have only three more weeks to go before my scheduled return date. I am having second thoughts around returning to work given that I would love to spend more time with my baby. Can you all provide me some pointers on taking a decision? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Points to consider...

    Hi Pooja,

    I visited the site after a long time and got to see your message only today. Hope I am not very late in sharing my thoughts...!

    Though this is a very personal decision to be taken depending on the situation existing at your home, your kids reaction to it, etc. I thought I will share something based on what I have come across.

    I fully agree it is the most difficult decision to take, to leave a new born for so many hours and go to work! But what to do for many woman, the situations demand. Though I am not getting into deciding about it, I would want to suggest consider these points, if available, in case you decide to leave the baby and go to work:

    1. Have you started feeding your baby with food other than mother's milk? If your baby is taking it well, then no issues. However, try to take some of mother's milk and store it for use when you are away.

    2. I'm sure you have someone at home - your mom or m-i-l to take care of the baby. Or are you going for a baby sitter? (I'm not sure where you live!). I would highly recommend you leave your baby only with a very trusted person(preferably your mom or m-i-l, experienced and loving hands). Also, before starting to leave for work, try leaving the baby with the other person for a few hours by going off for shopping, etc. to see how the baby gets adjusted.

    3. You should definitely call 3 to 4 times during the day, to find out what is going on with the baby and be easily reachable home for any emergencies. If you can come home for lunch or for a short break, nothing like that. It would keep you also happy and relaxed getting to see the baby in-between the day.

    4. Leave all the medicines and other baby accessories easily available for the person who is going to take care of the baby.

    Note: Do not leave the baby in another place - like creche/baby sitting place, etc. Even if you have one at your work spot, I would NOT recommend that in such a early stage of the baby.

    Good luck in managing the situation. I'm sure it's a very hard time, but you should be able to manage well. Do write if you need any help, I would be happy to share my thoughts and suggestions.

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    Dear pooja,
    Well i think by now you wud have def made an decision abt your rejoining the work . I wud like to share how i went thru the same situation when my baby was born.
    I had to keep my baby in creche when he was just 5 months old. The lady, whom we called Aunty, had only him and another kid in her creche/home. But belive me she took care of my baby so well and she also used to give him home made medicines for cold and cough, grandmaz medicines :)
    for sure a mothers' love cannot be replaced by anyone !! but i was happy to find such a great baby sitter for my baby.
    he is now 3, mingles well with all and is very disciplined. He has absolutely no eating tantrums.
    But i really used to miss him when i go to work.
    If creche is the only option u have better start on early as once ur kid gets used to family it will be difficult for him/her.
    I am sure itz a diff decision, but beleive me there are lot of women who have gone thru the same, count me in it !!
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    Hey Pooja,

    First of all congratulations on being blessed with a baby.

    I would like to share my thoughts and believe it is not too late to help you decide.

    Since you are having second thoughts on going back to work, I would suggest to decide about it you spend more time on prioritizing between work and being with the baby. Consider the points like whether you will be able to manage running your family in just one income with a new addition in the family. Also, if you are more career oriented and if taking a break would put you back on your career? Or can you make up by rejoining work after few years once your baby is grown?

    These kind of decisions are hard to make and they work out better if we prioritize our needs.

    All the best!

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