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Journey Of A Thousand Years, Filled With Joy, Strife And Tears

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SuiDhaaga, Jul 4, 2021.

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    You sleep on the rooftop
    Under the stars shiny so bright
    You need to sleep for tomorrow's flight
    Yet you stay up all night

    You learn stories of
    Kings and Queen
    And all their glory

    You learn stories of
    King and Queens
    And of conquests and
    Captured Gauries

    One Kingdom leaves
    Another Kingdom comes
    It is not a tale of
    Unicorns and Fairies
    It is not a tale of fun

    But it is of adventure
    But it is of deceit
    But it is now Kings and Queens
    Maneuvered, maneuvered
    To keep their
    Dominant chess seat

    The skies about us
    With the stars that
    Shine so bright
    Are witness to the
    Aforementioned tales
    That force us to
    Stay up late
    Into The night

    Tomorrow isn't promised
    You may never see your
    Great-grandmother again
    Tomorrow isn't promised
    Back in her day you were lucky
    To make it to ripe
    Old age of ten

    So many tales never written by book
    So many tales of Kings and Queens
    Who fought and battled
    By hook or crook
    Colored our culture
    And gave it some meaning

    Where did these ancient
    Kings and Queen go
    Overthrown and hidden
    In history's shadows?

    But wait? Is that true?

    Maybe their heirs are lurking
    In the eyes of the wandering old Man
    Who always collects Alms
    As he passes by your Ancestral land
    Few minutes short of 6 am

    Old Haveli of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

    Jaisalmer Old Haveli.JPG

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