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    Just to share,
    A man had been seeing a psychiatrist for three years in an attempt to cure his fear that there were monsters lurking under his bed. However all the psychiatrist's efforts were in vain and the man was no nearer to being cured. Eventually the man decided that any further sessions were a waste of time and money.
    A few weeks later the psychiatrist bumped into the man in a bar. The man was looking much happier.
    "You look well", remarked the psychiatrist.
    "Yes," beamed the man. " That's because I am cured. After all this time I can finally go to sleep at night and not worry that there are monsters lurking under my bed."
    The psychiatrist was puzzled. "How did you manage to get cured? Nothing I tried with you seemed to work."
    "I went to see a different doctor", explained the man, "He is a behaviorist and he curd me in one session."
    "In one session !" exclaimed the psychiatrist. "How?"
    " It was simple," said the man, "He told me to saw the legs off my bed."

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