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Job Hunt in an Alien Country

Discussion in 'Indians in Stamford' started by sricha8, Feb 9, 2014.

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    Hi Friends,

    I am a Mba ( Finance) from India and had a prior work experience of 2 years. Its been few months in this alien country and the journey since march '13 have been wonderful and pleasant, may be because the place was new for me but the only thing which troubled me from core was hunting for a job.. When i was in India, i had a fake impression of US being an opportunity land. Every thing looked to me very Hunky Dory But after landing to this country, I realised that there is huge working visa problem and nothing is straight forward.
    This all Started when My husband applied for an L1A visa status, and at the consulate they put our application on administrative processing by completely changing our status from L1A to L1B. And our Visa got clear after three months of torturous wait ( we had no place to stay , was living a Banjara life from inlaws place to my parents place).
    My mental status was imbalanced, couldnt concentrate or plan about future. No good thing was happening in my life and this suffer is not yet over. I am badly hunting for a job but what i see on the job portal is two- three years of work experience. and when you try to approach the employer then they dont revert back.
    I have a working visa status but no company is ready to hire me. I dont know the other paths, no friends here. No guidance which turned out fruitful till date has happened. I have potential to outperform under limited direction but dont know how and from where to start.
    Finally I decided to move in the direction of Information Technoligical domain.

    Please provide me with some successful attemted directions.


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