Jingle Bells .... Xmas is here...

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    Xmas is virtually around the corner and I am so excited.... so I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Xmas and a wonderful new year. I hope 2008 bring's a lot Joy and happiness for all..

    Did you know that every year more than 400 million people celebrate Xmas around the world -- that makes Xmas one of the world’s biggest religious and commercial festivities. In approximately year 300 A.D., the birthday of Jesus was determined to be on December 25, the day that has been celebrated from then till this very day. The celebration on the 25th of December starts with Christmas Eve, the evening of December 24.

    The idea to celebrate Christmas on December 25 originated in the 4th century. The Catholic Church wanted to eclipse the festivities of a rival pagan religion that threatened Christianity's existence.

    The Romans celebrated the birthday of their sun god, Mithras during this time of year. Although it was not popular, or even proper, to celebrate people's birthdays in those times, church leaders decided that in order to compete with the pagan celebration they would themselves order a festival in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Although the actual season of Jesus' birth is thought to be in the spring, the date of December 25 was chosen as the official birthday celebration as Christ's Mass so that it would compete head on with the rival pagan celebration. Christmas was slow to catch on in America. The early colonists considered it a pagan ritual. The celebration of Christmas was even banned by law in Massachusetts in colonial days.

    This is one of the favorite Celebrations of the year... the atmosphere is cold, peaceful, the snow flakes and snow man awaited eagerly... The whole festival is about being together with the family and exchanging cards, gifts and having a family dinner...

    Santa Claus makes a trip down the road on Xmas eve and then makes a round with is his elves and rain-deer's during the night (you can even hear the bells of the deer's) to leave the most wanted gift you ever wished for under the decorated Xmas-tree. well I hope I have been good this year. I cant wait for the 25th to wake up and glace through the window to see if we have any snow this year, to run down stairs and open the gifts while hearing the church bell's ring.. and I cant wait for the whole family to come around to eat until we drop.....

    Ok that's a little brief about the day of Xmas - will guy's and gal's get your Mistletoe and Holly, Xmas Tree's, your Candy Cane's, your stocking out and Festive food ready... because Santa is coming...

    Happy Christmas

    Love Preity... (One of Santa's elves)
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