Its Human To Criticise But.....

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    It is very true that it's human to criticize like 'To err is human'.
    However, what has to be pondered is that most of us are consciously ignorant
    of the fact that it would become inhuman to express unfair criticism. For
    that matter, it has become fashionable in the present trend to criticize
    every one and anyone for no prominent reasons with of course unfair
    senseless comments. It appears that most of the critics feel great in
    criticizing others rather than the genuine cause for criticize.

    It would not be too much to say that applauding and appreciating others in
    recognition of their efforts for achieving certain things or doing noble
    deeds or anything which deserves appreciation is slowly becoming passé.

    Unfortunately, most of us when it comes to appreciate others would remain
    dumb or appreciate others in recognition very silently in our inner hearts
    as we really find it difficult to find time to pass the comments through
    words of our mouth or in written form. In other words, when it comes to
    criticizing others, we find rather we make time to hurl words at others
    lavishly and become stinger when it comes to appreciate or applaud others.
    Perhaps, criticism has become the way of life like in politics and is the
    present trend.

    For instance, the social servers were never given a word of appreciation in
    spite of their efforts in doing noble deeds and sparing their valuable time
    for the social services with humanitarian bent of mind. Instead, we all will
    be ready with full of spirits to spew adverse comments when something goes
    wrong in organizing or presenting their deeds.

    To cite another example, let me tell you about snippet of a journalist. A
    journalist and a columnist have been penning articles for few years in a
    magazine. Most of his articles were touching and reflections of the societal
    problems. Once many readers expressed their difference of opinion with the
    columnist's and in a way criticized his opinion aired in one of the articles
    and surprisingly it was the time when they all revealed that they all are
    regular readers and fans of his articles.

    Incomprehensible fact is that we humans, more in the present time, react
    very fast when it comes to criticize others while remain inactive when it
    comes to appreciate others. Is it jealousy or egoism or sadism what is that
    which is holding us all back when it comes to appreciate others is the
    matter to be seriously pondered over.

    Surprisingly, while criticizing, the critic considers himself/herself as an
    enemy to the person at the receiving end and spew insensible words
    forgetting the basic reasons for making criticism. Agreed, when we perceive
    certain things in a different angle we like to express our views which can
    be certainly done in a more polite way rather than in inhuman way. It's long
    since we had come across the polite way of expressing criticism using the
    words like "I beg to differ". Let us remained that the object of criticism
    is that to express our perception and to point out the error if any
    committed by the person subjected to criticism.

    The best critic is that one who makes the person at the receiving end to
    ponder over his mistake and make amendments. It would be inhuman to
    criticize others with unfair remarks with the object just to tarnish the
    image or popularity of the others. Let's be humanly while criticizing others
    as its human to criticize and not become inhuman by criticizing just for the
    sake of it.



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