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    Mostly, our mind while reviewing an action by an individual, compares it with other actions performed by him/her in the past and then consider the intention behind his/her action. This approach causes considerable hardship to oneself and others. Even when one communicates, to the extent possible, one should focus on the issue arising out of a specific action of a person and discuss it in clear and unambigious term with the person concerned. Instead of "Why did you do that?", one should focus on "What triggered you to do that?" should be the approach. Once the issue is successfully resolved, it should be put on an archive instead of an open file and when a new action is performed, it should be evaluated independently without reference to the previous actions.

    Differentiating an action by an individual and the quality and character of the individual is important for a peaceful internal life. When one discriminates it that way, there is no ill-will created against a person who did that action. Many times, even the individual who performed the action may not really know what trigger her/him to perform this action as it might be a subconscious trigger, unless a person introspects. When one tries to find out intention, the habit of labeling people automatically happens. Many times, we ourselves may commit regretable actions and later repent for it for a long time. The feeling of guilt endanger the peaceful internal life.

    Seeing and encouraging the positive side of each individual is an essential quality one should possess. The ability of our mind to work coherently is directly proportional to our ability to store only positive experiences in life and let go of any negative experiences. Yes. It is hard to let go any painful experience one encountered as it would create a strong impression in our subconscious mind. But once one recognizes how it negatively impacts the mind's ability to think and act, one makes a conscious effort to remove that impression. A sincere effort to do so results in releasing our full capacity of the mind to function independently without any restraints.

    There are three aspects to everyone's life called Receipt, Reaction and Response. If the information received by an individual is wrong, it can result in a wrong action. Mostly, one spends more time reacting to it internally without realizing how much change happens in the mind due to such reacton. In general, one needs to learn to reduce this reaction time. Mostly people think reaction is what we do in the external world. It is not and it is about how much time we spent time thinking and analyzing things happening around us. When the mind delves in reaction, it tends to bring a closure to it and could make an adhoc decision with emotion. The last one is response. Even if one received the right information, reacted well, one may make a mistake in response. The words spoken or written are extremely powerful. If one understand these three aspects well, one can find harmony and peace inside. It is important to sychronize our thoughts, words and actions. Any conflict among them is the reason for a cluttered mind. This one understanding substantially improves the quality of life.
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