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Is your DH in Onsite?

Discussion in 'Online Games & Puzzles' started by rpriya, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. rpriya

    rpriya Guest

    Hi All,
    I got married on Aug 24th. After marriage we could not stay together for almost 50 days as the apartment in which we planned to stay was not complete. We meet everyday in park or restaurant only twice (before going to office and after coming from office).
    Atlast we got settled into the new house with lot of hope and expectation. In a week my DH was asked to go to Onsite.
    He was not near me for the 100th day celebration. I miss him desperately. Right now my Mother or MIL will stay with me alternatively.

    I pray no one should come across such thing in life.

  2. drmchsraj

    drmchsraj New IL'ite

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    (sorry im new but im assuming dh = 'dear husband'? :))
    that plain, flat out sucks :(.
    did you at least spend these last few weeks completely together, without the onset of random relatives and decorating the new home etc?
    how long is he going to be away for? he should've traded in, postponed or made arrangements for you to join him..but i guess if he had a say, he would definitely have. oh well, i'm sure you can bond with your mil or use this time to become/show them you are strong and can be 'independent' when needed!

    cheer up now though, because you can always, always endlessly boast to all his friends and s/m-ils that marrying you brought him luck and he could travel overseas ;).
  3. rpriya

    rpriya Guest

    hi drmchsraj,
    he was too busy for two weeks before travel. We didnot have much time to spend together. But he is so loving that he settled all things(household, electricity, and others) before he left so that i will not have trouble later.

    My MIL stays will me now. She is Good but attimes we have issue. But i guess that will be common. Let's see how it work. But otherwise she is a nice lady.

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