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Is this Package decent enough for comfortable living in Dubai

Discussion in 'IL'ites in Dubai' started by KNB, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. KNB

    KNB New IL'ite

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    We have been offered a job of 17K AEDMthly + Annual Bonus + Petrol Card + Settlement Allowance of 10 K + Medical Cover ..

    We are a family of 2 Adults + 1 child (5y) , leading a comfortable life in bangalore ....

    The job is with a translnational retailer - operating in many countries....

    Seek advice - as to wether this is an appropriate salary to move out of bangalore.... to lead a decent / comfortable life.. and an education for the child....

    The idea is not to build a warchest.. but save a little .. and live comfy too.....

    Its an experiment and an experience that we are seeking out.... and hence intend to take this up..

    I seek advice and suggestion on this from all the esteemed members on this forum..


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