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is this happened with you

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by vidyasundar, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. vidyasundar

    vidyasundar Bronze IL'ite

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    Hi Ils
    My close friend is constructing a house by getting loans from a bank and here it is how it goes this is the mail sent by her husband to the concerned bank.

    Dear PRO,

    I am holding an Housing loan account in ur prestigious organisation.... with following details
    XXXX Home Loan Account No. : XXXXXXXXXXX
    Customer Id No. : XXXXXXXXX

    I got the loan through the ...................... located in Bangalore.
    I believe Mr............. is heading this organisation... Mr. ...................... and Mr. ............. are his colleagues i believe.....

    I am currently in Belgium. The initial Home loan Extension Sanction got expired. Meanwhile the construction was happening with thte amount that i received earlier... I had to travel abroad due to official reasons....

    The following are the events that happen to me....

    Before 8th January 2007
    I had to travel to belgium, so to disburse the amount i had requested thru mail....
    They came and took some signatures on the application form as the older one (that was some 2 months back) was not sufficient..
    Then they came and took signature for the affidavit....

    On 12 th january 2007
    We called up to find what to the disbursement....they infomred that the Sanction letter got expired... 4 Days Lost!
    So we had to reapply, for that i need to

    On 13th i received the mail from them for the GPA related document...

    On 19 th they received the GPA and the docs they had asked for....which i had sent via courier...

    between 19 and 28thJanuary 2007 we used to call them to check up every day the progress....they (Harish) kept on telling that it will done in 3 days....always...

    On 28th suddenly ......... says that they require the bank statement with Balance Column..... claims he had informed my wife abt it, but .............. still kept on saying that u will get it within 3 days.....
    On same day somehow i manage to send the "bank statement with Balance Column" via e-mail..... Then they told that 2 to 3 days will get the Sanction letter and after that 2 to 3 days they will give the DD for disbursement.... 10 Days Lost

    On 29st January 2007 they realise that my wife is also a co-applicant and they need few more documents from my wife..... THIS IS THE GREAT PART.....IS THIS HOW YOU PEOPPLE WORK NOT EVEN KNOWING WHO ARE THE APPLICANTS FOR A LOAN...atleast they realised now great!!!!..... 2 Days Lost

    On 31st we managed to give all the documents to them.....then the told that they will give the Sanction letter within 3 days....

    On 2nd they gave the sanction letter i believe... And told that within wednesday u can receive the DD.....
    On 6th i called up harish and asked the status he told that they will give by morrow...
    On 7th my wife calls up ........... and he told he has the DD and will send by evening to ur house....... Evening my wife tries to call them up no one even bothers to answer the Phone........including .... Even i tried calling from Belgium not even a single sould bothered to answer the calll...... So our case is still Pending, so we are not sure whom to contact now to get these resolved..... Days Lost Dont know how many more!

    We have atleast tried to call these guys 10 to 20 times before we can get them to answer the status of our application......we get really frustrated.....

    So it takes almost more than 30 days to even resanction and disburse the amount, and please mind still the DD is not ready.... How do u expect us to cope up with the situation....Do you feel responsible to answer to this delay in the Process....Is the process correct....How do i get back these days, where my house construction is stopped for 30 days.....Next march the prices are going to increase, will u pay the difference in cost, time....

    I am sorry to tell that I have had the worst nightmare with this kind of service......Please dont tell that this responsibility of the agency and if they are malfunctioning , its not ur problem.....Its XXXX that i see not the XXXXXXXXXX.....I believe its u who choose the Agencies also..... While trying to attract the customers, you people fall behind us, and give the initial Sanction letter as if you are the best people on the earth providing the Service... Post Loan approval, you make us run around you like DOGS (sorry to use such strong word but that is what i felt when calling you every day)....

    I believe you would reply and atleast provide better service to your customers here after... If you dont then its as good as we have fallen into deep **** !!!

  2. subbutr

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    Dear vidyasundar,

    Thanks to bringout such socio awareness topic postings and there are many such incidents happens due to apathy and laziness in the systems as well the work culture of staff these days.

    Mostly persons with influences are able to muster out the maximum benefits of Loan realaizations and cash it...

    The common people are being loittered due to inordinate delays and frequent shuttling down to the financial institutions...That's reality.

    Fortunatly there are some sincere officers and staffs comes out in time to the rescue of the applicants in need of help and sort out the legal problems.

  3. Shanvy

    Shanvy IL Hall of Fame

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    hi vidya,

    Looks like your friends husband has sent a stinker....but did he get any reply....

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