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Irritation and Itchy after wax

Discussion in 'Body Care' started by Amicable, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Amicable

    Amicable Senior IL'ite

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    I used to shave my arms and legs for so many years. I got really bad cuts scar on my legs specially. And my legs and arms got more thick hair and more frequent growth than before. I recently started waxing my legs and arms from parlour. The problem is still same, infact I get more irritation and itchy on my legs and arms. I do use lots of moisturiser after the wax but it doesn't help.

    Now I have two questions...
    1. What product should I use so that it doesn't itch and irritate my legs and arms after wax?
    2. How to remove the scars from my legs?

    Please suggest any product availble in US only.

  2. desidiva

    desidiva New IL'ite

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    First and foremost, make sure that you are not allergic to anything and that the products being used are not the cause of this. Try switching to something else next time (do a test in a small area before you proceed). if you get the same results, then your skin is very sensitive. I also get a lot of itchiness and irritation but only for a little while. The redness and bumps go away in less than an hour.

    What I usually do is put on baby oil after I am done waxing. Other things I have gotten with my waxing kit is the vitamin E oil based solution (from Nair) that has also worked well. If you have aloe vera plant/cream, use that. There are way too many over the counter creams and lotions just for removing the irritation and itching. Last but not the least, soak your hands/feet in cold water for a few mins or apply ice pack.


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