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Discussion in 'Entrepreneurship' started by ideal, Nov 9, 2011.

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    Hello Everyone!!!!

    I am a mom of two and extremely net savvy.Though have previous work experience with technical call centers but am constrained to stay at home due to 2 kids aged 4 and 18 months..

    After coming accross Indusladies i felt that there is lots and lots to know and learn which we are completely unaware of . The world out there is full of interesting information thats just tips away.Right form cooking a simple dish to finding out mantras or pooja vidhanams , knowing about a particular hairstyle or how the kids should be eduacated and brought up etc etc.. U name it and you get it.

    So staying at home i came up with an idea.. Many of us have limited access to the net and half of our time is wasted in searching for the info that we want rather than arriving at it in a jiffy. So in case you are keen to find about any thing which u are not sure of then all you need to do is send me a message with what sort of infor are you looking at and what is that you need.As i am free most of the time i can search the required info and get it for you.

    As i consider this as a business plan please let me know what do you feel about this whole idea of mine.There would be several reactions and opinions to which i am open.What i want to know is if this idea is going to work. If yes then can i make it commercial where in i charge to pass on the required info in terms of sites and links for reference of info.
    If yes then what do you think should be the charges
    What are the new ideas that you think i can imbibe or do you feel all this is not going to work at all..
    Please feel free to tell what you want to ..


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    Hello Arti,

    I hope by this time you must be well settled in your profession. Just for your knowledge, we at IndusLadies, are offering great ideas for women who are keen to work from home. Do check out the Cash and Career segment of the home page of IndusLadies for ideas.


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