International School in Sharjah (American/British/Canadian/Australian)

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    Hi lovely ladies of Sharjah,

    I am new for this forum. I am moving to sharjah soon with my husband and 6 yr old son from Seoul, South Korea.

    My son is going to American curriculum based Internationl School. Since he born he is into english influence so he does not speak Hindi much. Although he understand all and speak some too as we only talk in hindi at home.

    I googled schools in Sharjah and got many schools but I am not very sure which international school is best there. Please advise me and comment on schools if you ever had experience with international school.

    I am looking for Al Khan or Al mazaz area to live in. Is it convenient to reach out everything and specially to get school bus in the area?

    Is the school admission tough there as I saw some post mentioned admission waiting list. We may reach there in month of " MAY " may be. so I am thinking to come and settle there first and check each school and than apply for admission.

    Or else should i start contacting with schools now?

    Looking forward to your kind help.


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    Most of the international schools in Sharjah have British curriculum. A few are American or Australian. You can check from this list Schools in Sharjah

    Most of the schools provide school bus services for their students. I suggest you start contacting school early to help you decide which would be best for your child as per what he's used to in SK. Had heard good reviews for the two Victoria schools, you might want to start there.

    Al Majaz and Al Khan are alright, though if you prefer lesser crowd, Al Khan area would be more preferable.

    Good luck!

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