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Interesting Marathi movie I watched

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Tamildownunder, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. Tamildownunder

    Tamildownunder Bronze IL'ite

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    Dear ILites,

    I was just recollecting my days in Mumbai when I remembered watching a very interesting Marathi movie. The title of the movie was ' Taamb Lakshmi Kunku laavuthe'. Translated into English the title will be ' Wait Lakshmi till I bring Kumkum '.

    The story is that of a Zamindar family with three sons. The eldest son gets married and the lady is very good natured, virtuous, pious, affectionate etc. Due to some misunderstanding among the brothers and the father a big quarrel comes and due to that slowly they lose their wealth. The daughter-in-law gets very much pained at the happenings and she prays daily to Tulasi maata. Goddess lakshmi takes pity on the lady and comes to visit her when no one else is in the house. The lady then gets an idea to solve the problem of the house. She then tells ' Taamb Lakshmi Kunku laavuthe'. So saying she goes to the backyard of the house and jumps into the well ending her life. Now, since Lakshmi cannot leave the house unless she receives kumkum from the lady she is forced to stay in the house and the house prospers.

    I was very much moved after watching the movie. I used to think that if I had money I will make it in Tamil and I was sure it will be a super hit.



  2. Nandhita

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    Hi TDU,

    While reading this story itself, I got really moved. And I liked the heavy feeling that I got.

    Liked reading one such story, especially in this age, where poeple in all walks of life get displeased with the simplest of things. I can certainly understand the depth of the movie .


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