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Interesting facts - mine is about literacy rates in states...post urs

Discussion in 'News & Politics' started by renvem, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. renvem

    renvem Senior IL'ite

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    some 5-6 yrs back we had a debate organized in our company ..and biggies from the corporate world and celebrities had come....the topic was about Cultural Divide in india

    the topic touched several issues like groupings in the work place among north indians and south indians....people getting agitated over states where only local language is promoted etc...and various such sub topics

    one very interesting fact came from an Environmentalist who was one among the panelists was quietly listening to to other orators...someone had asked a question and a topic of people-being-literate-in-south-and-not-so-well-read-and-educated-in-north came up..it was an interesting topic and lead to several controversial issues like north-indians-are-agressive-and-hot-tempered etc

    this guy got up....picked up the mike and came to the stage...and here was a wonderful and interesting fact

    First let us discuss the literacy rate(speacially for female kids)....kerala has the highest literacy rate...whereas are states like Haryana are far far behind....
    among various other reasons...there is one imp reason related to environment....and that is WATER
    Kerala has ample water to feed and nourish people....and hence they can focus on other things like education ....Harayana on the other hand has water shortage ...and people in villages ...specially small girls are supposed to travel to far away places to fetch water(sometimes many times in a day)...and this is a primary need for survival..much before education...and hence these girl kids are supposed to feed the families(while the males go get money and food) and don't get any time to go to school and hence a lower literacy rate

    he had given interesting facts on agression too....harsh temprature conditions sometime make people lose patience and turns them to agression....again this is not the only reason but one amongst the varios possible reasons

    post ur fact here ....

    he a

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