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Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by deep2008, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. deep2008

    deep2008 New IL'ite

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    :biglaughKeya was a young, married, welleducated lady who could n't be what she had set her heart upon.She had to manage her household expenditures,kids' education,visiting relations ,sudden illness etc within limited income of her husband who was a mere clerk in govt. sector,but her deftness in managing financial affairs enabled her to manage all mandatory expenses quite efficiently.Whenever her sons asked for a costly new dress or any other costly item which all their class mates had purchased .she placated them saying "beta,don't worry ,u will be able to buy all the expensive dresses & things once u become some body worthy in life & start earning."Keya used to bless her stars quite often as she never faced any problem in convincing her two sons on any such issue & her sons never grudged on these matters.
    Time flew at its own fast pace.Both the sons completed their education in IIT & they got appointment in very prestigious MNCs at very handsome pay packages.
    Today Keya's happiness knew no bounds.Her eldest son had taken her blessings by touching her feet & had handed her his first salary which amounted to about 1 lac.Keya was overwhelmed with joy & her throat was choked & her eyes had become misty.She thought,now she won't have to worry at all about maqnaging her household expenditure economically any more.Now her struggle was over,, she thought with a deep sigh of relief.
    But life is not an eternal sweet dream.Just the next month when one day Keya was cooking food in her kitchen she felt stabs of severe pain shooting through her heart & she fell unconscious.Both her sons & her husband came running from their offices & ambulance was called & she was taken to a very renowned hospital. She was given the required treatment & soon she opened her eyes.
    But as soon as her glance fell on the scene around her, she was aghast with severe shock,She realised ,she was in general ward of the hospital.her sons were earning such a huge amount of money & even then she was admitted into a general ward.She recalled the superdeluxe room in which one of her affluent friends had been admitted a few days back when she had developed some serious medical complication.The first time she had visited that friend in hospital she was greatly impressed with the luxurious ambience of her super deluxe room which was furnishrd with a grand sofa set, a cushiony carpet, & A.C.Couldn't her sons arrange such a room for her?The question cropped in her mind .she couldn't help asking her sons- beta, why didn't u arrange a super deluxe room for me?The chaos in the general ward is making me sick.
    "Mum the super deluxe room cost Rs 2000 per day.I thought,why to waste such a huge amount of money just for the sake of mere privacy & then u are getting the same treatment which u would have got in a super deluxe room.It's the treatment that really matters , isn't it?
    Keya was speechles at these words of her son.She thought with a deep sigh of regret,are my lessons in economy responsible for such attitude of her sons.She was still wondering.Her own words which she used to tell her kids in their young age pregnant with preachings in economy came back ringing in her ears --Why to waste such a lot of money just for the sake of a mere dress?
    Children do really inherit their parents' traits, she thought with a sinking feeling in her heart.

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