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Indian Mangos in U.S

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Tamildownunder, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. Tamildownunder

    Tamildownunder Bronze IL'ite

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    Recently, in one of our group talks my colleague presented his trip to India to clear the export of Indian mangos. He presented the background behind his visit. When President Bush visited India, he fell in love with Indian mangos and ordered some for White house. But, he was informed by his secretary that U.S. Government had put an embargo on the import of Indian mangos due to possible flies in them. The Indian Government informed him that we have a food irradiation plant near Nasik in Maharashtra where vegetables like potatoes, onions etc., are treated to gamma radiation so that they can be preserved for long time. So, the U.S Govt. initiated steps to send a technical team to visit the Nasik plant and they were asked to certify the irradiation of Indian mangos. My colleague with his wife visited India in April, 2007 and after testing the plant irradiation paved the way for certification and import of mangos to U.S. he also told that when the mangos were put for sale in downtown Washington D.C there was a big queue of Indians and the mangos were sold out. Earlier, I had bought Indian mango juice in India Grocery stores and found it very tasty and so I had taken few bottles for my colleagues to taste. They appreciated the juice and told my colleague that next time he goes again for certification he should bring with him a few crates.

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