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Indian Garment With Fabric From Stores In Us

Discussion in 'Sewing & Stitching' started by sanjuruby3, Nov 20, 2020.

  1. sanjuruby3

    sanjuruby3 Gold IL'ite

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    BTW, Local US sewist ladies do not like Joanns stores much and they feel quality is much low and inventory also. I do not have any other store in access so I just go to Joanns. Most of other chain stores like hancock or local stores are no longer there. Only Joanns was able to survive. If you really plan to shop, I suggest NYC or LA Garment district.
    Most of fabric comes from south east asian countries. And per my beliefs, India still has best fabrics collections, you need to explore.
    My mother came here and she loved cottons and prints here. Ok.. but look at prices and she does not go out much so does not know what is sold in india.
    You get ethnic prints and all copied prints like funky prints or other culture related then in most colors and fabrics. Here no... I go to Joanns atleast once in a week or 2. We do not have the ease of touching fabric without asking someone in india as in US. But if you explore local indian markets, they are best.
    Ladies here shop thrift stores etc for those exotic fabrics - sarees or madras cottons.
  2. Nuzhath

    Nuzhath Silver IL'ite

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    Hmmm.. That's true. you have given a practical opinion. Mine was based on the online pics and youtube videos. India is the best place for the fabrics we like to wear. Wholesale markets in Mumbai, Hyderabad, bangalore and other places are full of printed cottons and the like.

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