'Indian fine arts' in Dubai?

Discussion in 'Personal Services in Dubai' started by annu1881, Aug 14, 2009.

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    Hi friends,
    Is there any 'Indian fine arts' in Dubai? I came across one video on youtube on carnatic music and there was this banner. Allthough we enjoy it, me and my hubby have not been actively participating in South Indian religious functions, satsangs, bhajans and carnatic music programs lately as we used to be tied up. But now since we have a daughter, i want to attend these as much as possible so that she can be exposed to our culture. We had attended radha kalyanam, srinivasa kalyanam, hari bhajans etc few times. I know reknowed carnatic singers also frequent dubai often. Hence I would like to know about some forum so that we atleast get intimations of the programmes that happen (religious, carnatic music, bhajans etc.). Any inputs?
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