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In your forties...

Discussion in 'Health Issues' started by Huma, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. Huma

    Huma Silver IL'ite

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    Hi everybody.

    If your in forties or plus....here some humorous take on what's like to be on that age....

    Compliments...and what they really mean

    You could pass for 45...you're 40.
    you look great....for someone your age.
    you're energetic......you're obviously on HRT
    Girlish......obviously on too much HRT
    young at heart.......embarrasing
    looks so well....botoxed to the eyeballs.

    40 and grumpy...
    You're still much too young to be seriously grumpy. A mild moan about global warming or the state of the government is everyone's right. However, being perpetually or serially grumpy is so ageing and rather tedious. it's worth asking yourself how often you really tread in dog mess, and will an incorrect apostrophe actually ruin your children's lives?

    Welcome to the decade where you're reduced to having just one favourite mirror, even if this is rather a strange relationship, which can involve you approaching it at a special angle and then only in a certain light. This mirror has become your best friend because it always flatters you.

    Senior moments
    fortysomethings should be reassured that, due to the complicated multi-tasking nature of our lives,it's not surprising if we occasionaly forget where we left our credit card or drive to work with our packed lunch on the bonnet. most of us are simply doing too many things. don't be too hard on yourself then the next time the young person on the end of the phone sighs audibly when you can't remember your password...there are still several million permutations and you know you'll get there eventually.


    if you want to read more about it.....read the how to be a fortysomething by Malcolm Burgess.
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  2. vjbunny

    vjbunny IL Hall of Fame

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    Dear Huma
    Nice post...
  3. Moumita1

    Moumita1 Silver IL'ite

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    Hi Huma,

    Saw your mail, just turned forty, and can't help but answer this one. :)

    I am not grumpy, or dying for attention. Instead I am happy, feeling confident, and know when people are lying through their teeth in complimenting me. I call that maturity.

    I am not girlish, nor I could pass for 45, and I am simply not on HRT, or using botox. But I am slim, make a fashion statement that even younger lot find it hard to follow, and have a look that not exactly gives away my age, or my weight.

    I can now happily tell people, "I dont care what you say or think" and mean every word of it. :)

    I am financially indepenedent, so I dont need anyone's permission in buying a new wardrobe.

    I don't have a favourite mirror, as I have a confidence that sits easy on me, coming from my exprience and my logical thinking, that tells me exactly what I can see in others eyes. Yes, I read people better now, but I let them think they are smarter. :-D

    I have opinions, and at forty I am no longer scared to voice them.

    I have responsibilities, but at forty, I know exactly how to fulfil them and still have a life of my own.

    And most importantly, at forty, I know happiness comes from within, and not from things, or people, and being happy, I have a glowing skin, shiny salt and pepper hair, and an ability to find happiness no matter what life throws at me.

    Yes, at forty and loving it.


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