Improvements to the Paid Private Message System

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    Note: Please read this thread to know about Paid Private Message system. Below listed are the improvements to it.

    Dear IL'ites,

    We are making a few improvements to our paid PM system.

    1. Easy Identification of Members with PM Access

    One of the consistent member feedback with the paid PM system was that they need to know who already has PM access. Now we have made it easy.

    Usernames in Red, Purple, Green & Orange have PM access. If it easier to remember, any color other than blue has PM access.

    Legend for the Username Color Coding is as follows:

    • Red Usernames are regular members who have PM access. The title below the username will say "Private Message User".
    • Purple Usernames are greeters, forum moderators, local champions and blog reviewers and they have PM access
    • Green usernames are super moderators and they have PM access.
    • Orange usernames are administrators and they have PM access.
    Note: You can do a member search (Quick Links -> Search Members) and see the color coding for the member's username in their Profile Page. You can also see the color coding of the username in the posts they make.

    Profile Page:

    ----------- User Profile PM Access.jpg

    ----------- Post Bit Private Message User.jpg

    2. Buying Gift Subscriptions.

    A few members - who already have paid PM access - have inquired about buying gifting subscriptions on standalone basis. Now, we have made it easy to do so. There is a third option in "Paid Subscriptions" section where you can buy gift subscriptions in packs of 2 (for $10). You can gift one subscription and let that recipient decide on the 2nd one or you can decide to gift them to 2 separate members. Once you complete the payment process, email with the recipient names and we will set them up. Screenshot below.

    ----------- Gift Subscription.jpg

    3. PM Access for Contest Winners

    We have now set-up the September contest winners with PM access. This is valid for one-full year. The contest whose winners are eligible for paid PM access are the following

    We look forward to making ongoing improvements to the system to make it more valuable for members to join in. Please continue to share your feedback for improving the paid pm system in the original thread. Thank you.

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