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Importance of festivals

Discussion in 'Festivals, Functions & Rituals' started by vkswamy84, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. vkswamy84

    vkswamy84 New IL'ite

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    Dear Friends :

    India is a country of festivals. Throughout the year we will have some or the other festival season. Market and shopping centres are busy with people.

    We can observe almost 225 days in a year (including sundays) we used to get holidays and weekly off. Merely people go for work just about 140 days to 180 days. Apart from these holidays and weekly off employees will enjoy leaves as per statutory laws. Above all, Bundh, Dharna, etc. will also help us to sit at home.

    During traditional period people used to celebrate festivals based on the agricultural activities and season change. Today, things have changed and in a cosmopolitan life we are moving like machine and it is a machinery life for one and all.

    If you see the calender there will be a list of Tamil, Hindu, Govt. holidays. Every festivals will have a good and belivable story. Still it is murmurring in my mind why we have to celebrate festivals often and is it really necessary in our day to day activities. I am not against of Hindu Festivals when compared to developed and developing countries I am of the opinion we are not maintaining proper time management in our day to day life.

    Can anyone explain in details the real purpose of celebrating festivals by declaring holidays?

    Last edited: Jan 21, 2010

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