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Discussion in 'IL Treasure Hunt - 3rd Anniversary Contest' started by varalotti, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. varalotti

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    Here's the Question for Day 1 - March 1, 2008

    Which was the first childbirth announcement in IL? You will have to name the mother.

    Most Gracious ILites,

    You have time till 9AM Indian Standard Time, 2nd March 2008 to send in your answers.

    Take your time. Search for this particular pearl in the treasure garden of IL. Once you know the answer,

    1) Go to your private message section.
    2) Click send new message.
    3) In the Recipient/User name type the word Contest.
    4) Type "Answer for March 1st Question" in the Title field
    5) Type the answer in the body of the message and click submit message.

    You are on the path to being a winner.

    Best of luck,
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  2. Vandhana

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    Hi ILites,

    Thanks for the enthusiastic participation. We are starting with easy questions, but be warned that the going will get tough as we play every day. So the answer to the question for day 1 is :


    We had made it very clear in the question that we needed the mother's name. Also we were looking for the first ever formal birth announcement made in IL.
    So congrats all those of you who sent in the correct response.

    We had a total of 48 entries for day 1. 44 of you got the answer right. and remaining 4 wrong .

    Good luck all, keep playing.

    Will see you back tomorrow with the next bit of info.

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