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ideas to spend time with moms

Discussion in 'General Discussions - USA & Canada' started by MeenLoch, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. MeenLoch

    MeenLoch Silver IL'ite

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    My mother is here taking care of my kid. She is locked inside the house like all other in-laws or parents taking care of grand kids..I did participate in the thread for in-laws or parents time spent usefully here..I thought this thread would help me and others build ideas to make the best of mother-daughter time.

    Following are some ideas..add yours too please

    - Watch good movies together.
    - It's spring, so an evening walk in a park isnt a bad idea.
    - bake/cook together or cook for her on weekends
    -my mom loves to shop/window-shop. so a stroll around a mall works for me

  2. chandannasta

    chandannasta Silver IL'ite

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    Since I am unmarried still, I get no time the whole week to do anything. I get offs only on thursday and friday from office every week.

    So I am kinda addicted being awake all nights due to callcentre habit of timing.

    I give my mom extra money along with the expenses for home to go and enjoy. But she saves the money for me and she visits to satsang ghars or poojas happening in the building.

    My cousin bro takes her out sometimes or else she visits at my sis's place since she is married and stays in Mumbai only.

    I help her in these 2 days doing the household work like brooming, saaf safai of the house and everything. For cooking 1 day in a week for 1 time I tell her nt to cook.

    I order anything from outside whatever she says bcoz she is a heart patient and I really love her a lot.

    Whatever work she does at this age I am proud of her being a son. I have seen many women resting but she is still very active at this age.

    So its great.

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