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Ideas For Wardrobe Locking And Keeping Costly Items Safe?

Discussion in 'Home Decoration & Improvement' started by generic, May 3, 2016.

  1. generic

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    Posting on behalf of my cousin who has a kid..2 year old boy..She was a housewife And now wants to get back to work, she has shifted newly to an apartment close to her workplace..it's a new apartment and construction was done very recently, she is the first tenant to occupy. ( in India) she has appointed a Full time nanny from 9-5 to look after her kid, and supervised by her MIL..also appointed a maid to come around 12 noon to do house cleaning..Need suggestions for the following:
    1. My cousin dresses well, has lot of costly and grand sarees and dresses , also uses lot of artificial jewellery..gold silver etc is kept in locker mostly..her husband also may have valuable stuff..since maid, nanny etc will come to her home in her absence she needs a way to safeguard her stuff..since she is staying in a rented house, the wardrobes provided are wooden fixed wardrobes with no locks in wardrobes, hence she is little worried. The landlord is not in town and he said he will sponsor for few wood works and lock fitting etc after some months after getting back to town..So it will take couple of months to fit locks in the wardrobes. Till then she is thinking how she will manage..
    2. Please suggest good ways to store costly items at home? Also imp stuff like documents, chequebooks etc..
    3. Please suggest some ideas for locks that can be externally purchased and fitted to the cupboard handles to lock them..
    4. She is thinking of purchasing a steel almirah..which brand is good..Godrej or other brand? How much will a small steel size almirah cost ? They have a very limited budget and don't prefer expensive cupboards.
    5. Locking her bedroom is not an option as the kid will sleep there in the afternoon.
    Want to know from working people as to know you manage these things when you have a full time maid or caretaker at home whom you don't know very well and may or may not trust?
    Please provide suggestions for my cousin to keep their stuff safely as nanny , maid etc will be roaming in all rooms and it's not possible to supervise them 100%.

  2. ashwinn

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    Fix camera at home and all costly jewels and silver items put it inbank locker buy tailor made bureau and keep costly things and lock it saafely

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