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I Love You, But I Can't Live With You Part - 1

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by pranavi1987, Jul 24, 2018.

  1. HakunaMatata

    HakunaMatata Gold IL'ite

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    Take care pranavi.. We ll pray for your speedy and healthy recovery..

    By the way your story is awesome..
  2. pranavi1987

    pranavi1987 Gold IL'ite

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    Hi Friends,

    First of all I apologize for not bringing the climax episode, I fell down and broke my arm and it might take a while to recover.

    It is hard for me to come back soon to write, so my friend helped me to type as I don’t want you all to wait for climax.

    Thanks Divya for typing me the story.


    Wedding preparations of Prashanth and Geetha are going on full swing , Nandu and Vineel are helping them.

    They all are spending quite a bit of time together, wedding cards are printed.

    Next day in office, Geetha and Nandu started preparing a list of teammates to call and Ravi observed both of them, they are looking very happy.

    He still doesn’t know about marriage of Geetha, he felt jealous of seeing them together.

    What happened to my plan? They are still together? Nandana is also looking very happy, Did her husband see the pics I sent? He thought to himself.

    If all these plans don’t workout, I need to somehow meet Nandana’s husband.

    Will he give me appointment?

    While he is thinking all these, Geetha said, it is third time I am calling you Ravi.

    Hi Geetha, sorry Ravi said.

    That’s okay, next Sunday is my wedding, you should definitely come, she gave him card.

    Geetha is feeling happy inside, by seeing Ravi’s face.

    Ravi got shocked by seeing her wedding card, he thought with his plan wedding would have cancelled.

    With fake smile, he asked with whom?

    Prashanth, you already know him.

    Geetha , did you find out truth about Prashanth and Nandana

    Yes I did and I am happy about it replied Geetha.

    Ravi is confused by her answer.

    He decided to think about a different plan, to approach Nandu’s husband.

    Nandu and Vineel bought bracelet for Prash and bangles for Geetha.

    Get ready fast Nandu, it is getting late, else Prash will scream at us for being late to his wedding.

    Coming… said Nandu, she wore Red Sari with matching ear rings and bangles.

    Vineel looked at her and couldn’t take eyes off her.


    You look beautiful Nandu, glad I didn’t miss you, they both smiled and went to wedding.

    As soon as they reached Venue, Nandana went to Geetha’s room.

    All the office staff is there and Ravi is feeling restless, he is acting happy outside and restless inside.

    Suddenly he saw Vineel and Prashanth talking and laughing.

    Ravi started looking at Vineel keenly, I saw him some where? Where did I see? He thought for a minute and suddenly remembered, yes!!! Hurrah, in pics with Nandana, college pics.

    I think he is Nandana’s other boy friend.

    Nandu, you are super, how did you manage two boy friends? That too they are good with each other.

    I have already sent this guy’s and your picture to your husband, now in this marriage, if you secretly talk, I will capture your pics again and send to your husband Vineel.

    Nandu and Geetha are laughing in their room, Did you see Ravi’s face? Asked Geetha

    He was shocked, when I called him for wedding.

    Stupid guy, He doesn’t know Vineel is my husband, He sent our pics to us only. Now if he see’s Vineel, he might think him as my ex-boy friend and do some nonsense.

    Let Vineel handle it, he will teach a lesson, said Geetha.

    Nandu went to Vineel and whishpered in his ears about Ravi.

    Ravi saw that and thought Nandu met her boy friend secretely, he gave a wicked smile.

    After Nandu went, Ravi slowly went near Vineel and said “Hi, this is Ravi”

    “Hello” relied Vineel.

    I know you, said Ravi

    Really, but I don’t know you.

    Yes, because you never saw me, I saw you in pics,but I know all your secrets, I am going to give all proofs to Nandu’s husband, Ravi said.

    Vineel laughed inside for his foolishness and said “what secrets you know?”

    Ravi became excited and said, your ex-girl friend’s best friend is getting married to your ex-girl friend’s ex-boy friend and your ex-girl friend husband doesn’t know about it.

    No Ravi ,you are wrong said Vineel

    I will tell you, my ex-girl friend’s husband’s best friend is getting married to my ex-girl friend’s best friend and my ex-girl friend’s husband know about it.

    Ravi got confused And said, what say again?

    Vineel repeated.

    Who is your ex-girl friend?

    Nandana, replied Vineel

    Who is your ex-girl friend’s , ex- boy friend?

    Me, he smiled

    Then who is her husband?

    Me, he smiled again

    You said ex- boy friend? Did you lie?

    Yes , I was her ex-boy friend then

    You said husband?

    Yes, I am husband now, smiled Vineel.

    Ravi is shocked and he understood and said “Vineel”

    Yes, that’s my name.

    Then pics?

    You sent our pics back to us.

    Ravi understood every thing and almost fainted.

    Vinni, come fast said Nandu, Vinni put bracelet on Prash hands and Nandu put bangles for Geetha, before every one, they got married.

    ----------------------------------------------------------After 1 year-----------------------------------------------------------------

    Vinni come fast, bring baby , you can play with her later all guests are waiting, we have to put her in Craddle.

    Vineel is holding the baby, Lakshmi, Shanthi and Sirisha are eagerly waiting for them.

    Vinni, you didn’t even tell what are you going to name your daughter? Said Lakshmi.

    Is Prash and Geetha here? Asked Vineel

    We are here from last one hour , show me the baby,Prash took the baby and kissed on her forehead.

    Nandu , Vinni didn’t tell what is he going to name baby? You tell atleast, said Prash.

    Wait Prash bro, give me baby first, let her put in Craddle, Nandu took baby and put her in Craddle and said,

    I am so happy today, God gave us best and our cute little daughter is best thing happened us, but always there is one memory and vaccum I have in my life and want it to fill it today and looked into Prash eyes.

    Stop stories Nandu, tell me her name first, said Geetha.

    Nandu looked at Vinni and Vinni looked at Prash eyes, they are filled with tears of happiness.

    Vineel said, our daughter name is “SINDHU”

  3. rupz

    rupz Silver IL'ite

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    Wow...nice climax..

    Hope Ravi got what he wanted..

    Very nicely done...I enjoyed the whole story very much.

    Keep writing.
    Take care of your hand and be back with a bang.
    And Happy Diwali !!
  4. muggs

    muggs Finest Post Winner

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    Hey @pranavi1987... Hope you are doing good.. Take care of yourself!!

    Thanks for the beautiful story and an emotional climax. :clap2::clap2:
  5. mira

    mira New IL'ite

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    Hello Pranavi,
    very beautiful story. I have been reading it silently from the beginning until today cursorily waiting for each episodes to be posted. When I read that you got hurt, I prayed that you get better.Hope your recovery is fast,and God bless you through your recovery. Take care.
  6. Adharv

    Adharv Gold IL'ite

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    @pranavi1987 hope you recover soon. :worship2: to ur dedication ma'am :thumbup: not just for the final epi...you have always been on time :beer-toast1:

    Thank you for such a lovely cliamx :clap2::clap2: enjoyed reading every line and the funny one was vinni confusing that monkey Ravi :roflmao: very hilarious. :tongue: even in the climax der is no change in him :smash2:
    Cutest one was sindhu :cheer::cheer:
    Every moment was captured very beautifully:hearteyes::hearteyes: perfect finish :number_one:

    Thank you and keep rocking always. See u soon. Happy and healthy Diwali to you and your family. Take care.

    Thanks to ur frnd Divya too :thumbsup:
  7. Rampuri9

    Rampuri9 Silver IL'ite

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    Lovely ending Pranavi ..Very happy to see all of them together... nosecut fro Ravi :)
    you really have done very well in narrating the story ..my best wishes to you to achieve your dreams
    Get well soon ..and come back with one more
  8. Ammu2886

    Ammu2886 Gold IL'ite

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    That was an awesome Ending... Loved it...
    Take care of yourself and get well soon dear :)
  9. peddadas

    peddadas Platinum IL'ite

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    Trophy Points:

    Nice one..I thought that's going to be Sindhu.

    Take Care of your Hand and thanks to Divya for helping you/us out.

    See you soon.
  10. ammusatheesh

    ammusatheesh Gold IL'ite

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